Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Varanasi Fashion Show

Varanasi fashion show is organized by founder of WMI. A Delhi based IT leading company. Here is mostly American model is performed on ramp,where semi nude model is is show. This fashion show is organized by the promotion of WMI services and quality in America and most of European Country.We know better fashion industry is influenced every one not only for film industry, music, garment business including science, technology, software, hardware, computer every thing is past of fashion industry of advertisement, sales and marketing point of view.
For this we choose promotional methods as fashion for WMI promotion process, this is first in Varanasi have organized these types of fashion show for IT Company. WMI is established in New Delhi India.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fashion Designing Courses

The fashion in India and Worlds has a good business in the fields of Fashion Technology fields to most of college as National Institute of Fashion Technology. In the fashion fields have a good carrier for students because these newly coming fields in India. Indian fashion cover hole the market of Indian garments and ornament clothe design for students dress, wedding dress and also sports, medical office and home wear garments. A jean is generally a formal wear dress for college student.voucher codes Voucher frenzy brings you a huge range of UK deals, discount codes, and bargains from a range of UK retailers and suppliers. Check out our shopping deals now.Christening gifts They are cheap and prepared from recyclable materials and do not endorse killings which goes behind diamond mining. Custom made jewelery Eco friendly jewelery has become the buzz word these days with more and more people opting for them.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fashion Business

The fashion is very special with every person to everyday those people say they don’t care for what wear but choose every day at starting their routine at morning starts a special shirts pants Jacket glasses shoes and a lot they feel better at that day. But now a day the fashion words are rapidly change. Now in the Fashion words including Loughery Car, beautiful girl friends, Mall mast and Fun also including Music Video etc
There are a lot of factor we what wear
The modern Fashion is also having created a good climate to protect Cold rain and also snow fall. The fashion is provided a physical attraction, style and also good and sexy looks.
Today the fashion an excellent business so there are a lot of people involved in manufacturing, production, selling, and baying the fashionable product.
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Model on Ramp

Men in Indian villages are still more comfortable in traditional fashion like kurtas, lungis, dhotis and pyjamas. Indian dresses & styles are marked by many variations, both religious and regional and one is likely to witness a plethora of colors, textures and styles in garments worn by the Indians.

Stylish Models

Fashion Designing Courses
Salwar are pajama-like trousers drawn tightly in at the waist and the ankles. Over the Salwar, women wear a long and loose tunic known as a kameez. One might occasionally come across women wearing a churidar instead of a Salwar. A churidar is similar to the Salwarr but is tighter fitting at the hips, thighs and ankles. Over this, one might wear a collarless or mandarin-collar tunic called a Kurta.

Sexy Models

Indian fashion sari remains the traditional clothing of Indian women. It is a long piece of flat cotton, silk or other fabric woven in different textures with different patterns. The sari has a lasting charm since it is not cut or tailored for a particular size. This graceful feminine attire can also be worn in several ways and its manner of wearing as well as its color and texture are indicative of the status, age, occupation, region and religion of a woman. The tightly fitted, short blouse worn under a sari is called a choli. The choli evolved as a form of Indian clothing around the tenth century AD and the first cholis were only front covering; the back was always bare.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Indian model in Sari

A very special popular fashion of women in Indian clothing is the Indian Sari and salwar-kameez. This popular Indian dress evolved as a comfortable and respectable garment for women in all India around Kashmir to Kenya kumari. Though the majority of Indian women wear traditional Indian dresses, the men in India can be found in more conventional western clothing like shirts and trousers.
As name specified, Anamika fashion, here we deal in many beriety of Sarees in all types of latest stylish fashionable Sarees like Designer sarees,Party wear Sarees, in all range like Bollywood sarees,traditional sarees,Ptinting Sarees,Brasso Sarees,Bengal Sarees,South Cotton Sarees,Zari Weaved Sarees,Bridal Saress.

Party-wear and Designer Sarees-The designer Sarees are basically use in formal occasion,Parties,Marriages&wedding. These Sarees are not use for a particular region or stylish spacification, all other sarees as ptinting Sarees,Bridal Sarees etc.
Silk Sarees – Selk sarees are big famouse in Indian women for special occasion,The India Women feel incompleate beth out silk Sarees.Selk faibric business is also have good return in these type of women demons.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kissing Model

The history of Indian fashion is the story of the changing fashions in clothing for men and women in Western countries under its influence from the 12th century to the present. India Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Even people who say they don't care what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day.

Old Indian fashion

One certain thing in the Indian fashion world is change. We are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television. Movies also have a big impact on what people wear. Ray-Ban sold more sunglasses after the movie Men in Black Sometimes a trend is world-wide. Back in the 1950s, teenagers everywhere dressed like Elvis Presley.Indian mens groom sherwani, wedding shervani, bridal wear, Indian wedding wear, Embroidered kurta pajama. Lehenga Choli Wedding Lehenga, Sherwani, Indian Ethnic clothing store for designer lehenga, wedding lehnga, bridal lehenga, bollywoood lehenga, heavy bridal embroidered lehenga, sherwani,
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